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Sarasota, FL has everything you’re looking for to transform your lifestyle into what you’ve always wanted.

A city where luxury  and exclusivity are the defining characteristics of entertainment and fun.

Here, we will show you why your home could not be in a better location!



A luxury lifestyle is everyone’s goal, and when you have something that everyone wants, you can be sure that they will recognize its value, and pay the right price to enjoy it.

Buying an Energy Efficient luxury home in Sarasota is a great investment, not only because it’s safe, but also because the valuation process in Sarasota is increasing every time.

In the midst of greatness...

Just a few blocks from the city center, you will find the great beaches, and countless entertaining tourist attractions, where  you and your family can unleash all the fun, in a summer atmosphere that seems to never end.

If you want to reconnect with nature, just a few streets away from the city center, you’ll find lush ecosystems overflowing with tropical vegetation, wetlands, and a diversity of wildlife.

The true essence of this beautiful and majestic city can be truly experienced if you wait until sunset and look westward, where a breathtaking sunset meets the entrance to a magical night, as your breath is taken away, you will see why this is the perfect place to build a new home…

the # 1 beach in the United States

Stephen Parker Leatherman, better known as “Dr. Beach”, is a renowned American geoscientist, coastal ecologist, and author, who has  extensively researched  and evaluated the world’s most important beaches and coastal areas.

His methodical analysis yielded the highest rating for “Siesta Key”, positioning it as the # 1 beach in the United States in 2011


There is no doubt that Sarasota, located on the Gulf coast of Florida, is characterized by its stunning white beaches and the very blue waters through which exclusive luxury sailboats cruise.

Kayak tours and parasails are available for you to experience the beautiful waters of Siesta Key in Florida, and how about a private day of inshore fishing?

Art, wines, & nightlife

The city of Sarasota is home to world-class establishments where history and culture are a key theme. In addition to visiting the world-renowned and revered Ringling Museum of Art, you’ll find a series of prestigious performing arts companies, where you’ll then interact with the artists and artisans who create the coolest pieces on this side of Florida.

Nightlife enthusiasts can take the twilight tour of exotic drinks through bars and clubs in the city, or stroll in St. Armand for the best culinary experience.


Throughout Sarasota, you can experience unrepeatable outdoor experiences that you can not find anywhere else.  Access more than 85 golf courses with Sarasota’s Big Summer privilege card, or take a private sightseeing tour through the best scenery in Sarasota.

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