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Impressive homes built to resist natural disasters

Impressive home built to resist natural disasters

Everything that makes your home different!

The Italian touch!

Italian kitchens are the rock stars of kitchens. The synergy between aesthetics, the quality of the materials, and the functionality of its applications, joins the avant-garde that characterizes its designs.

In an Italian-style bathroom, you will only find pleasure in its elegance, adaptability to spaces thanks to its modular structures, and extreme attention to detail.

the kitchen

Reflects your personality

the kitchen

Reflects your personality

Save nature with this powerful Hurricane Resistant and Fireproof structure

Forget about cutting down trees or eradicating forests and save the wildlife.

E-homes don’t use fossil fuels, instead they replace it with the use of renewable energies. Your new home is built with recycled steel, metal and concrete for your structures, subfloor and roofs.


  • Large comfortable open spaces
  • Highly resistant high-traffic floors
  • Wood-style floors with exclusive designs
  • Standard Front Loading Washer and Dryer
  • Built-in wardrobes to optimize space
  • Digital and programmable temperature controller
  • Keyless security entry
  • Advanced interior design and designer lighting system
  • 100% American galvanized steel frame
  • Hurricane protection for high impact windows and doors
  • 100% wood destroying organism free
  • Fire-resistant for up to 4 hours
  • 8 months construction program

Custom Quartz Countertops

Italian cabinets with under lighting

Central service island space

Italian Cabinet Pantry

Multifunctional Dishwasher Faucet

State-of-the-art stainless steel appliances

Italian Design Dressing Tables with Large Illuminated Mirrors
High-rise porcelain wet walls in showers and bathtubs
Frameless tempered glass shower enclosures
Rainfall-style showers and flexible handheld showers in the master bathroom

The best of two worlds...

hybrid construction

It was a question of finding an answer in engineering, that would give a true solution to the typical problems of the materials and the methods of traditional construction. 

This is how the best qualities of materials such as cellular concrete and steel are taken and combined to produce a technological advance, capable of arguing efficiency and constructive effectiveness, resulting in fast structures, but at the same time solid, capable to resist the most aggressive demands of the climate and other natural phenomena.


green hybrid construction


Keep desired temperature depending on the season.
High technology engineering for lightweight concrete walls that retain the ambient temperature, whether it is cool in summer or heat in winter.


Feel safe and calm in the face of any natural disaster.
100% American steel structure, fire resistant walls for up to 4 hours, reinforced metal ceilings, high impact windows. Protection against any weather catastrophe.


Enter the era of optimal harnessing renewable energy.
Our roof spaces are ready to host solar panels. You will save on your energy bills and make less use of the air conditioning and heater.


Eco-friendly houses that will help you connect with nature.
Steel structures instead of wood, no more indiscriminate felling of forests. We save up to 50 trees for every house built and protect the habitat of hundreds of wild species.

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