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The adventure of selecting and building a new, custom home can be very exciting. As a Canvas Sarasota homebuyer, you are opening the door to the finest experience for you and your family.


These are the driving factors of our systems and our approach.

UltraHealth Solutions offers Canvas homebuyers the ability to purchase a Healthy Home System exclusively tailored to meet your lifestyle needs. Comprised of health supportive purification units, the components you select are integrated into your new home to protect your most vital needs –  

Air, Water and the indoor Environment.

As part of your experience, you are provided exclusive access to The Healthy Home Concierge.

This entails a personal visit with our resident healthy home expert who is focused on delivering the purification systems and units specifically designed for your new home

COLLECTION available for your home


• Certified medical grade
• Filters, ionizes, deodorizes, and purifies
• Neutralizes 99.99% of allergens, mold, fungi, bacteria, viruses and other household contaminants
• Removes 99% of COVID-79-sized particulates in air and on surfaces
• Purifies 2,300 sq ft per hour
• 5 technologies to capture and destroy contaminants
• 10 stage filtration system, including carbon, germ warfare material and medical-grade H14 HEPA filter
· 10 speed controls and 2, 4 and 24-hour deodorizer settings
• Sleep mode and filter check
• On/Off ionizer and activated oxygen generator
• High/Low ozone output switch


• Chemical free, crystal clear water for your entire home
• Backwashing feature eliminates the need for a pre-filter in most municipally treated water
• Backwashes away impurities, sediment, particulate matter, which improves water flow contact time and the life of your filter
• Bypass system makes it convenient when the unit is being serviced or the media is being replaced
• Meets and exceeds all NSF/ANSI standards 42 & 53
• WH 750 (750,000 gallons, 70″ x54″} – Larger households
• WH 500 (500,000 gallons, 70″ x 35″} – 2 to 4 Person household


• Multi-stage full spectrum cartridge produces the purest water for cooking and drinking
• Activated carbon block removes harmful contaminants, bad taste and odors
• Compressed coconut carbon extends life of unit
· Fresh, pure water with optimal pH balance
• 18/10 rustproof surgical stainless steel
• Removes 99% of E-coli, salmonella, pesticides, heavy metals, lead, contaminants and pollutants
• Simple, easy installation (included)
• High-capacity cartridge
• 4 stages, purifies for 36 months

A completely purified home, along with a restful night sleep and nutritious diet, delivers a multitude of health benefits to promote optimal living and well-being. 


We invite you to contact us and speak with our advisor at
The Healthy Home Concierge for more information.

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